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Considering financing or leasing a Mercedes-Benz vehicle with us? It’s time to familiarize yourself with all Financing & Leasing has to offer and let us customize a plan that works for you.

We have committed to creating an experience that is straightforward and easy-to-understand, offering the most flexible terms for your personal financial needs.

Mercedes-Benz Financial Services offers a number of contract options when purchasing or leasing your vehicle.

Learn about our Mercedes-Benz Leasing Options online

Learn about our Mercedes-Benz Financing Options online

Ready to start your financing or leasing application? Apply online or give us a call at (780) 484-9000 to book an appointment with our Financing and Leasing Consultants!

Getting into and affording a Mercedes-Benz vehicle is easier than you think.

A question we hear often is, “Can I afford the ongoing maintenance and repairs for as long as I own my vehicle?”

Ben Saleh joins us to discuss ways we save you time and money when you purchase and maintain a Mercedes-Benz vehicle.

Many Mercedes-Benz models have 20,000kms service intervals, meaning less visits to the Service Center each year.

Combine that with our Mercedes-Benz Prepaid Maintenance, and you can save time and money on the maintenance of your vehicle!

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Hey, how you doing? Bryan McEvoy here with Mercedes-Benz Edmonton West. I’m the Internet Sales Manager and I wanted to go over something with you today that a lot of people have doubts with and questions regarding your trade-in value.

Have you ever gotten a number from a dealership and you have no idea where this ambiguous number came from? Quite often you’re probably pretty disappointed with that number. Well, it happens all the time at dealerships all across the country and at Mercedes-Benz Edmonton West, we have a different procedure, a different policy in place so that you are 100% in the know the entire process in regards to the value and the worth of your vehicle. [continue reading…]

Hey guys, so we are outside here with a customer’s vehicle that they are looking to trade-in. I just want to go over some of the things that we are looking for when doing this trade appraisal.

This vehicle, as it sits has 3M protection on it that adds value to your vehicle. We’re going to have a look for rock chips if there are any cracks in the headlights. As you can see, this windshield is quite peppered with rock chips so probably. We need to put a new shield in here to get it certified in front line and ready. [continue reading…]

Mercedes Benz | End of Lease Options

Mercedes Benz | End of Lease Options

Lease Return Options

Mercedes-Benz is committed to quality in every detail. This includes the process of ending of a lease agreement. As your lease agreement comes to an end, Mercedes-Benz is there to ensure that you understand your options and transition smoothly to the next phase of your journey. You may wish to return your vehicle, and explore your loyalty options for getting behind the wheel of a new Mercedes-Benz, or you may wish to purchase or finance your vehicle and hold on to what you already know you love. [continue reading…]

Corporate Fleet Options

Corporate Fleet Options

Mercedes-Benz offers a range of Corporate Fleet Options to provide luxurious, high quality, and reliable vehicles for all types of professionals. Whether you are driving a vehicle for business purposes or as a company perk we have the right Mercedes-Benz fleet option for your business or corporation. The following Corporate Fleet Options are available: the Corporate Fleet Program, the Executive Car Allowance Program, the Preferred Suppliers Program, and the Professional Associations Program. [continue reading…]

Lease Return Options

Mercedes-Benz Lease

When a Mercedes-Benz lease is ending, there are numerous options available to suit whatever you are looking for. From returning the vehicle and finding a new Mercedes-Benz model to purchasing or financing the vehicle, Mercedes-Benz Edmonton West can assist you in exploring and finding the right option for you.
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