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Mercedes Benz | End of Lease Options

Mercedes Benz | End of Lease Options

Lease Return Options

Mercedes-Benz is committed to quality in every detail. This includes the process of ending of a lease agreement. As your lease agreement comes to an end, Mercedes-Benz is there to ensure that you understand your options and transition smoothly to the next phase of your journey. You may wish to return your vehicle, and explore your loyalty options for getting behind the wheel of a new Mercedes-Benz, or you may wish to purchase or finance your vehicle and hold on to what you already know you love.

Returning Your Vehicle

As the end of your lease approaches, simple and convenient steps can be followed to complete the return of your vehicle. These steps should be started approximately three months before your expected return date, providing you with enough time to transition smoothly and complete all the necessary steps. We hope that your Mercedes-Benz experience has been satisfactory, and we aim to continue to journey with you in the way that suits you best.


Step 1: Third-Party Pre-Inspection

Mercedes-Benz Financial Services will contact you to schedule a no-charge third-party pre-inspection at a flexible and convenient time. This inspection can occur at your home, office, or a local dealership and will help you to be fully prepared when you return your vehicle. You are able to use the First Class Condition Card to personally scan your vehicle prior to this inspection. To use the card, simply place it over an area with a blemish or mark and determine whether or not the damage can be seen through the card. If it cannot be seen through the card, then a repair is most likely not required at your expense. Keep in mind that this self-examination does not eliminate the necessity of a third-party inspection, but is there to provide you with a greater understanding of what to expect. The third-party inspection should be completed 45-90 days before your expected return date so that you have plenty of time to address any required repairs. If repairs are necessary, it is important that you complete them before returning your vehicle.

Step 2: Review Inspection Results

If you have any questions about the results of your third-party inspection, Mercedes-Benz is here to help. You are able to go over the results with your dealership to help you understand your options for repairs. This is also a good time to schedule a time for the return of your vehicle.

Vehicle Condition Guidelines

Step 3: Returning Your Vehicle

You are now ready to return your vehicle. On the scheduled return date, given that the third-party pre-inspection has been completed, you will be given a Vehicle Return Receipt for your records, and in most cases, a Vehicle Condition Summary and a Lease-end Statement.

Step 4: Lease-end Statement

In the event that you were unable to obtain the Lease-end Statement when your vehicle was returned, you will receive this documentation in the mail. This statement provides information and details of any excess wear and tear, kilometer overages or damages and will explain any charges that have been applied.

Returning Your Vehicle

Purchase Your Vehicle

If the time comes for you to end the terms of your lease agreement, but you are not ready to part ways with your vehicle, you are able to purchase or finance the purchase price, upon credit approval. To do so, contact Mercedes-Benz Edmonton West or Mercedes-Benz Financial Services at 1-866-202-6969.

Scott Held
Mercedes-Benz Edmonton West

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