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Lease Return Options

Mercedes-Benz Lease

When a Mercedes-Benz lease is ending, there are numerous options available to suit whatever you are looking for. From returning the vehicle and finding a new Mercedes-Benz model to purchasing or financing the vehicle, Mercedes-Benz Edmonton West can assist you in exploring and finding the right option for you.

There is a simple 4-step process to returning a leased vehicle which should commence approximately three months before its expected return date:

Step 1: Third-Party Vehicle Pre-Inspection

Mercedes-Benz Financial Services will contact you to schedule your vehicle pre-inspection offers at your home, office, or dealership at your convenience and provide information about special loyalty offers. The inspection should be completed 45-90 days prior to the expected return date. If the vehicle requires any maintenance or repairs, it must be ensured that they be completed before the return of the vehicle.

With a First Class Condition Card, you are able to take a look at your vehicle prior to your inspection. The card is able to assist in identifying areas on the vehicle that may have issues. Place the card it over an area, on the inside or outside, where a blemish has occurred. If any damage cannot be seen through the card, then a repair is most likely not required at your expense. Using the First Class Condition Card does not substitute the need for a pre-inspection, rather it helps in anticipating the results.

Step 2: Review Pre-Inspection Results

You will have the opportunity to go over the results with your Mercedes-Benz dealership regarding the process and recommendations, along with answering any questions or concerns about any repairs or maintenance required. It is strongly recommended that an authorized Mercedes-Benz dealer or body shop complete all necessary service repairs and maintenance to ensure adequate quality.

Step 3: Return Your Vehicle

After the third-party inspection has been completed you will receive a Vehicle Return Receipt and in most cases, a Vehicle Condition Summary, and a Lease-end Statement.  The summary and statement may not be made available to you if this pre-inspection has not been completed, or if the condition of your vehicle has changed post-inspection. It is recommended to book an appointment with your dealership to return your Mercedes-Benz model.

Step 4: Lease-end Statement

The statement provides details of any charges applied due to damages, kilometer overages, or excessive vehicle deterioration .

Purchasing Your Vehicle

At any time during your lease you have the option to buy the vehicle or finance the purchase price, upon credit approval. Contact the Financing Departments at Mercedes-Benz Edmonton West or Mercedes-Benz Financial Services at 1-866-202-6969.

Scott Held
Mercedes-Benz Edmonton West

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