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Corporate Fleet Options

Corporate Fleet Options

Mercedes-Benz offers a range of Corporate Fleet Options to provide luxurious, high quality, and reliable vehicles for all types of professionals. Whether you are driving a vehicle for business purposes or as a company perk we have the right Mercedes-Benz fleet option for your business or corporation. The following Corporate Fleet Options are available: the Corporate Fleet Program, the Executive Car Allowance Program, the Preferred Suppliers Program, and the Professional Associations Program.

The benefits of the Mercedes-Benz Fleet Option are:

  • Higher-than-average residual values
  • Standard and optional features other manufacturers may not offer
  • Comprehensive safety engineering
  • Strong relationships with all major fleet management companies
  • Responsive and exceptional customer service

The Corporate Fleet Program offers corporately purchased and managed vehicles for employees to conduct business, or as an employee perk. Enrollment in the Corporate Fleet Program requires business to have a minimum of five vehicles under their business name, or purchase three Mercedes-Benz vehicles at once. The Corporate Fleet Program program is available on all new Mercedes-Benz or smart® vehicles, however Demonstrator or Pre-Owned vehicles are not available with this program. Any customer taking part in the Corporate Fleet Program may only do so by registering in the name of their respective employer/business enterprise.

The Executive Car Allowance Program is for professionals who receive a fixed monthly car allowance who are able to use their discretion to select their own business vehicle. Eligible individuals may lease or finance a vehicle through this program if their employer/business provides a fixed monthly car allowance to five or more full-time employees. Anyone interested in participating in the Executive Car Allowance Program must provide a current pay stub or written letter from their employer when registering.

The Preferred Suppliers Program allows employees who work for Mercedes-Benz vendors access to special incentives for most Mercedes-Benz vehicles as recognition and appreciation of a strong business relationship. Vehicles not included in the Prefered Suppliers Program are Demonstrator or Pre-Owned vehicles. To be eligible for this program individuals must be an approved preferred supplier of Mercedes-Benz. For information regarding eligibility for the Preferred Suppliers Program, please contact the Corporate Sales Marketing Coordinator, Kathryn Gavrylec at Kathryn.gavrylec@mercedes-benz.ca.

The Professional Associations Program offers incentives to association members through extra incentives on Mercedes-Benz vehicles. Professional Association Program incentives may be added to current special offers, delivering even more savings. This program is available on all Mercedes-Benz or smart vehicles, the program does not include Demonstrator or Pre-Owned vehicles. Visit  Mercedes-Benz Edmonton West to find out if your association membership is eligible for the Professional Associations Program.

For more information and details about Mercedes-Benz Corporate Fleet Options, visit Mercedes-Benz Edmonton West!

Scott Held
Mercedes-Benz Edmonton West

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