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Bryan McEvoy Discusses Trade Appraisals | Mercedes-Benz Edmonton West

Hey guys, so we are outside here with a customer’s vehicle that they are looking to trade-in. I just want to go over some of the things that we are looking for when doing this trade appraisal.

This vehicle, as it sits has 3M protection on it that adds value to your vehicle. We’re going to have a look for rock chips if there are any cracks in the headlights. As you can see, this windshield is quite peppered with rock chips so probably. We need to put a new shield in here to get it certified in front line and ready.

We have a look at the rims to see if there’s any scuffs, we have a look at the tires to see the condition of them, where the wear bar is at and of course, ultimately, the overall condition of the vehicle, interior-wise.

This is obviously something that you can’t do without coming into the store, most people think. I can very easily put a number to your vehicle without you coming into the store. We can have you fill out the year, make, model, kilometres, condition. I can get the CarProof on it. I can get your extra accessories. I can get this giant amount of information and give you a very accurate number on your vehicle.

Again, Bryan McEvoy at Mercedes-Benz Edmonton West. Please contact me directly at 780-233-3523, and I would be happy to get you a trade number on your vehicle today.

Sales Team
Mercedes-Benz Edmonton West

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