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Scott Held, new President of Mercedes-Benz Edmonton West, has held a variety of positions in the automotive industry in various locations across Canada. Originally from Whitehorse, Scott started out in the auto industry washing cars at the age of 17. Scott says, “It was a cool job, all my friends were bagging groceries and I got to drive new cars. I eventually got offered a job selling cars. I did that part time while I was going to school and, eventually, decided it was an industry I really enjoyed.”

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From washing cars to owning dealerships; Scott’s extensive and wide-ranging experience in the automotive business has given him a thorough and comprehensive understanding of the industry and what it takes to be successful. He says, “I recognize that what we do in the car business is sell commodities. In most cases, what we have available for sale, competitors sell the exact same product for, in most cases, the same price. So, what it really comes down to is that people are the difference between success and failure.”

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Scott’s business philosophy and the successes he has achieved with his former teams has prepared him well for the challenge at Mercedes-Benz Edmonton West. His approach is to ensure that everyone who has customer contact, whether in the sales or service departments, is exceptionally well-trained and fully understands our philosophy and what the customer is really looking for when shopping or taking their vehicle in for service. “I’m really looking forward to setting a new standard for customer service and I want my staff, all the people that are here, to really understand that vision, and buy into it, and be excited about the opportunity that collectively we have to set a new benchmark for customer service.”

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With 20 years under his belt in the car business, Scott has renewed energy and excitement about this opportunity with the Mercedes-Benz brand. His diverse experiences in the industry along with the exceptional track record of success are what Scott wishes to share and implement at Mercedes-Benz Edmonton West to bring forth a new standard of customer service and dealership excellence.

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