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Parktronic | How-To | Mercedes-Benz Edmonton West

Hey guys, it is Chris Phan from Mercedes-Benz Edmonton West. Today I’d thought I’d show you how to use the Parktronic feature in your car.

This one has the active Parktronic which will help us use when parallel parking. The test model that I have today is a 2016 Mercedes-Benz B250, so if you hop inside I’ll show you how it works.

What I would have to try to do is try to find a spot where we would like to do our parallel parking and hopefully the one area over here has some room for us. To make this work, you want to pull up to your parking spot around 30kms or less, preferably around that 15-20kms/hr and then you want to pull up to these cars that are coming up over here.

How to know you have Parktronic is this blue key that shows up. Now I’m cruising, there’s an open spot here, and the sensors are going to pick this up. Now when it tells me that I can park, I come to a complete stop, and I don’t know if you can see there’s a little key and then there’s that arrow that shows us that it is going to let us park because it sensed that spot.

I put it into reverse, and it’s going to ask us do we want to start this. All I have to do is hit okay. Now, I don’t have to do anything to the wheel. I do have to control the gas and the brake, so I’m just letting go of the brake right now and hitting the gas a little bit just so that we can go.

The sensors will monitor where we need to park, and that’s the active Parktronic. Now that it’s come here it is telling me to put into drive. Now I put it into drive, let go of the brake a little bit, and that will fix our motion there. And that’s it. That’s Parktronic

So once again, my name’s Chris Phan, I’m from Mercedes-Benz Edmonton West. If you liked this video, please share it if there are any other questions on how to use some of the features feel free to comment below, and I’ll be sure to get back to you on that or call me at the number (780) 932-0102 Call or text is fine too.


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