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Edmonton Motorshow | Walk-Around With Kau Kau | Edmonton, AB

Kau Kau here, I’m at the Edmonton Motor Show. Right now, we are at my home, my booth we are at the Mercedes-Benz booth! Now the car we have on display here ladies and gentlemen behind me on the spinning table is the world’s first – not this one exactly – but it is the world’s first for this generation of cars – the first Mercedes-Benz C63S convertible ever in history.

Let’s take a look at that guys. This car is black on black with red pepper leather and AMG Recaro race seats. It’s got a 4L V8 bi-turbo, 503 horsepower. It’ll propel this Cabriolet from 0 to 100 in just 4.1 seconds. This thing is a beast and a half.

Now onto the next car, we got another convertible for you. This is a brand new Mercedes-Benz SLC. Before it used to be called SLK, now we got to SLC, so looks pretty good we’ve got a guy in there he’s already checking it out.

Over here guys, we got the B-class. Everyone knows the B-Class. This is the Mercedes-Benz B250 turbocharged engine. Everyone loves this car. Anyone can take it for a drive. It’s got 4MATIC, so you’re good for all the seasons in Canada.

Now we’re going to go over here. This is the brand new re-designed 2017 Mercedes-Benz E-Class. It is an E400 3L V6 bi-turbo, producing over 330 horsepower, it’s a 4MATIC, it looks stunning. It’s got the Macchiato beige interior, and you guys just have to check out that new dash! That dash has got two 12.3 inch LCD screen, and it displays all the information from the infotainment, the NAV, to absolutely everything so just peep inside there.

We are going to look at my personal favourite car, and you guys have seen it in my previous videos before. This car is the 2017 Mercedes-Benz CLA45. You got the AMG Recaro race seats in here. They were co-designed by Ricardo and AMG so you can check it out in here it’s got NAPPA leather and DYNAMICA suede trimming. You guys know I love this car, you have seen in my other video. Full suede wheel guys, track package, limited slip rear differential in the back, 375 horsepower, 384 torque, 0 to 100 in just 4.1 seconds. Pretty insane car, it is one of my favourites.

Now before we get to the other stuff, let me show you the big brother of this car. The 2017 Mercedes-Benz CLS 63S AMG. This is a 4MATIC model. It is all wheel drive. It puts all 577 HP to all four wheels and it will propel this from 0 to 100 in just 3.6 seconds. It’s also got 490 torque. Look at the interior on that. It’s got carbon fibre trim, suede wheel, everything you could imagine it has! Massage seats, cooled seats, dynamic multi-contour seats which prop up your side when you take a hard corner, it’s got everything. Its even got intelligent drive package with IDP. It will do small adjustments on the highway and make sure you’re driving within the line, so that is one of my favourite cars now we’re going to look at all the hype here.

The car that brings all the hype for Mercedes booth is this GTS. If you follow me this way you guys are going to see it, you can’t miss it! It is in a bright red you guys, got the 2017 Mercedes-Benz AMG GTS in there. You got at M177 4L V8 bi-turbo producing 503 horsepower, GTS 479 pound ft. of torque as well. It will propel this GTS in just 3.8 seconds, also fitted with the AMG Track package. It has the full DYNAMICO suede steering wheel, a limited slip rear differential in the back and huge stagger tires in the rear to make sure you have lots of traction with the power to the ground and doesn’t that thread where I just look spectacular.

I even got a Mercedes-Benz C300 here, and now we’re to look at another C-Class. This is the magno selenite grey C43 Coupe. This thing produces 362 horsepower, 384 pound-feet of torque and will move 0-100 is 4.6 seconds. It has a nine-speed multi-clutch transmission, and the thing is a lot of fun to drive, it is also an all-wheel drive, so it handles the weather perfectly from Canadian weather to the Canadian summers. Everything! It is a great car, it also available in a sedan as well as a beautiful coupe and this colour is just some of the die for that Matte selenite grey just looks stunning.

This is the Mercedes-Benz GLA45. It’s just like my favourite cars, the CLA45 but this one is a hatchback so a little bit heavier, so 0-100 and this is 4.4 seconds instead of the to the 4.1 with CLA but it still is an all wheel drive vehicle and it looks just stunning. You guys got a huge dual-cooled turbo up front and only needs one turbo this car behind me, and the CLA 45 are the world’s most powerful in-line four turbo engines in production in the world and just look at that, it just looks stunning. I love this car!

Now we have one more to show you, which is the Mercedes-Benz GLC43. This is one of the hottest cars on the market these days. It’s a performance SUV. It has a 3L V6 bi-turbo just like the C43. 362 horsepower, 384 torque, 9-speed multi-clutch transmission and you can see guys. It is a thing of beauty.

Kau Kau here, thank you for joining me at Mercedes-Benz. I’m from Mercedes-Benz Edmonton West. If you guys love any of these Mercedes that you saw here come and see me at Mercedes-Benz Edmonton West. I would be more than happy to show you any of the cars take it for a test run and we would love to see you at our store.

Thank you for joining me today at 2017 Edmonton Motor Show. I hope to see you next year, and I hope you come and say hi to me at my booth. Thank you so much for joining me guys, hope you had a blast because I definitely did. See you later!

Sales Team
Mercedes-Benz Edmonton West

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