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2016 Mercedes-AMG S63 | Backseat Comforts | Edmonton, AB

Hey guys, Diyaa here with Mercedes-Benz Edmonton West. I’m just actually in a 2016 Mercedes-Benz S63 AMG and this is an amazing vehicle.

I just wanted to show you guys a couple of things. I’m actually in the back seat. This is the most important, I want to say seats because generally speaking, I have a lot more comfort features back here than normal.

As an example, I’m going to show you guys a cool feature that’s pretty much exclusive to this car, this S line at Mercedes-Benz.

So I have here some controls, this is one of my favourites. What you could do is actually if you press and hold this button right here, it is going to be pushing the seats right there, so that’s the front passenger seat. Pushes it all the way through and I’ve got a ton of room, but if you keep on holding it, it is going to keep on going down.

So you can look at all the space I’ve got down there, and the cool thing about this is once that’s all done, you get this neat little leg rest there. That’s one of the cool features that we’ve got, and also you could do a couple of things like for example, I’m raising this here in the back so if it’s a little bit sunny. Also right above I can control that.

It’s a gorgeous interior you feel like nothing else, it’s just a man cave back here. Luxury, luxury, luxury everywhere. Every detail is looked after.

Come on down, see me here at Mercedes-Benz Edmonton West. I’ll show you this car a little bit more again. It is the 2016 S63 AMG. It’s got a big Bi-Turbo V8. It’s a lot of fun to drive it. Come down, check us out and hopefully we’ll take you for a test drive.

Sales Team
Mercedes-Benz Edmonton West

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