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Pre-Owned Showroom | Walk-Through | Edmonton, AB

Hey guys, Maddeson Coutts here at Mercedes-Benz Edmonton West and I am standing in our beautiful Pre-Owned Showroom. If you haven’t been down here, you are missing out because we have some of the nicest cars in Edmonton, all in one room.

Let me give you a little tour. We hear from customers all the time is “I had no idea I can afford a Mercedes”, and while that might be true for some models, that’s not true for all.

We have several vehicles here for under $30,000 or in the $30,000 range. We can fit any car into any budget if you give us a chance.

Here behind me is a C300 that’s worth $30,900. If you don’t need a car, you need an SUV. We have SUVs. This is our GLA 250. This is a 2015 with only 22,000 kilometres for $37,500.

You can get more of the luxury here in Mercedes-Benz Edmonton West pre-owned.

Call me. My name is Maddeson. My phone number is 780-263-6768. Give me a call, give me a text or send me an email, mcoutts@mbedmontonwest.com.

I look forward to hearing from you and let’s take some of these cars for some drives.

Sales Team
Mercedes-Benz Edmonton West

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