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Chris Phan | Experiences In Alabama | Photo Slideshow

Hey guys, it’s Chris Phan from Mercedes-Benz Edmonton West. I just spent a couple of days here in Alabama. Thank you for my work for sending myself and Sunny with us to Alabama for some training, some Mercedes-Benz Training.

Here we get to learn the factory, and we’ve seen where they produce the C-class, the GLE coupe, and the GLS. We’ve got a chance to eat with the people that make these cars in the factory. Also learning about the history. Many, many years of innovation from Mercedes-Benz, all the patents that they have.

Safety has always been a thing for Mercedes-Benz where they have over a hundred thousand patents that they sold for just $1 to other manufacturers just because safety is huge for them.

What I’ve done is, I put together just a quick little slideshow, a video of everything that we’ve got to do. Everything from auto crossing, drifting CLS’s, learning about eClass safety and taking a GLS off-road.

I hope you enjoy, but please give me a call. My name is Chris Phan from Mercedes-Benz Edmonton West. Give me a call at the number. I’d love to talk more about this trip and everything that I’ve learned.

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Mercedes-Benz Edmonton West

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