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Mercedes-Benz Edmonton West | DealerRater Reviews | Edmonton, AB

Hey, I’m Chris Phan from Mercedes Benz Edmonton West and I just got my DealerRater Certificate.

But what does it mean for you? Come with me and I’ll explain that exactly what that means.

First thing for you is in order for me to have this certificate, I need enough reviews and enough people sharing their story with me online, so it needs to be current.

So if you’re going out looking for your new vehicle, you’re going to want to find someone that is just as good to help you with that experience.

So, take the time before you go in somewhere, find the person that you want to deal with and that’s on DealerRater.

Myself, for example, I have a few that’s online here. If I go to DealerRater.ca we’re going to select where, well, where Mercedes-Benz search by postal code which Mercedes-Benz dealership you want to search.

Mercedes-Benz Edmonton West

After that is done, you’ll come to our page Mercedes-Benz Edmonton West and here you can see that we’re a Certified Employee 2017 Dealer of the Year.

We’ve had two awards as a dealership, but the people here is what makes the difference. Here you can read about the people, the reviews and everything that they have online. So that is very important.

So the next time that you or a friend or someone that you know is looking for their next vehicle, hopefully they can pick a good person to help them out with that.

Once again this is Chris Phan from Mercedes-Benz Edmonton West. Check me out on DealerRater and give me a call.

Sales Team
Mercedes-Benz Edmonton West

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