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2017 Mercedes-Benz C63 Coupe S | Edmonton, AB

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Hey guys, Kaushik here at Mercedes-Benz Edmonton West. Today I have the stunning, the wide, the absolutely breath-taking, performance-driven W205 2017 Mercedes-Benz C63 Coupe S Model.

Okay guys, this car has some big shoes to fill from the previous generation C63 that we had with the 6.3 naturally aspirated motor, so as you can tell from first glance, this car has some ridiculous curves on it. Like just look at these hips.

Okay guys, it’s got huge rear wide arches to fit these huge 295 rear wide tires because it’s got a whole 510 horsepower in the S model. This car is an absolute monster. You can tell it’s got a completely new redesign. It’s got this beautiful LED tail lights that follow around here. It really accentuates the back end of the car.  You got the classic quad exhaust tips that distinguish this AMG from every other C class. The rear view camera is now inside the Mercedes-Benz emblem which actually pops open so you don’t have to worry about it getting dirty or actually getting it covered with burnt up rubber.  So if you’ll follow me over here, you guys can see the stunning, stunning wide spoke, matte black AMG wheels.

You have the blacked out night package on here so you have the black aerodynamic package in the rear and you also have the Distronic Plus. You have the classic AMG grille that just looks so good that makes that front end pop.  Okay guys, this is the Radar for the Distronic Plus, the Smart Cruise Control if you will.

Basically, this is smart enough. It can lock onto the car in front of you on the highway and it can adjust the speed accordingly and maintain that distance so you don’t have to keep resetting the cruise control with your brakes and then UNKNOWN its cruise control. You just leave it on and it will be a smooth sailing for you. Active headlights. Okay, dual projectors that actually move that have a high beam assist. So basically, you can have high beams all the time. It will detect oncoming traffic and will turn on and off accordingly.

2017 C63AMG

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It’s got the beautiful panoramic sunroof. It’s got everything loaded inside. If you guys want to follow me inside the first, let’s take a look at what Mercedes AMG has put underneath the hood to fill in the shoes of the previous generation of W204. Alright guys, I’m about to pop the hood on this beast of the 2017 C63 Coupe S. This is the heart of it all, guys. So we say goodbye to naturally-aspirated engines, ladies and gentlemen.  Behind me, in this W205 C63 2017, we have my favourite motor that AMG produces now. It is the 4-Liter V8 biturbo and if you guys want to talk about beauty, just look at this.  I’ts beautiful intake manifold stamped with AMG in this beautiful heat shield here with the two turbos sitting right here for your eyes to see, just to feast on.

This car looks absolutely stunning. It has the power to go behind it and the sound is just phenomenal. This is a 510 horsepower monster. Let’s go look inside. Now we’re in the inside of the W205 2017 C63 Coupe S Model. And from being sitting right here in the driver’s seat, we are not missing anything that you would expect from Mercedes, but it has a whole lot of AMG flair on the inside. I feel like a king behind this car.  Let’s go for a little drive. And while I do that, I’m going to show you one more thing that they’ve added new to the Mercedes AMGs. Here in your Dynamic Select, we have the engine data. So this is all real time, guys, so you basically have the temperature of your transmission on the right. Okay, on the left you have your oil temperature and then, over here you have a dual gauge, so on the outside, you have your torque and on the inside, you have your horsepower, so as you can see, hitting max is around 500.  Okay guys, thank you for joining me on the C63 W205 2017 S Model. This car has been nothing but a blast. It makes me feel so good inside driving it, listening to it. Being behind the wheel, it makes me feel like I’m on top of the world.

This is the prestige, the best of the best, the king of it all, the Mercedes AMG C63 Coupe S Model look of the W205.

Sales Team
Mercedes-Benz Edmonton West

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