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Edmonton Motor Show Teaser | 2017 Mercedes-Benz C63S Cabriolet | Edmonton, AB

Hey guys, Kau Kau here. We’re back at the dealership at Mercedes-Benz Edmonton West. Now we’re back at the headquarters. The roof of Mercedes Benz to AMG. So now we’re taking over AMGs to the Edmonton Motor Show.

I’ve got some awesome cars to show you. So here’s the big brother CLS63, it’s my favourite, it’s my baby right here. This is my next car, in CLA45, the little brother, the CLS.

So, you know what I’m feeling a little bit like? I feel like taking the C63 Convertible. We’ll drop the top, right? Why not?

What you’re hearing guys, it’s a V8 Biturbo, 4-liter, producing 503 horsepower. This thing is so sexy, it’s the Obsidian Black. Black bi-spoke forged wheels. It’s got a really big butt. So, let’s pull it out. I’m going to drop the top for you, and you guys are going to see how sexy this car really is.

Yeah! Drop down, guys. We got red pepper leather with black Nappa leather as well. AMG Recaro race seats. It just looks spectacular.

On our way to Northlands, they drop off this drop dead sexy C63 S Cabriolet.

Today I got something awesome. We’re on our way to the Edmonton Motor Show. Come and see us at our Mercedes roof from April 20th to 23rd. This is one of the beauties that’s going to be behind me. I got a 2017 C63 S Cabriolet. Check it out, guys. It’s in Obsidian Black.

Now come and check out these beauties that we got waiting to be looked at and admired at the Edmonton Motor Show. Come see us, April 20th to 23rd. Me, myself Kaushik, come and say hello.

We would love to give you a little [inaudible] but let’s just give this a second. How sexy is this car?

Last car of the day, 2017 CLA45, also one of my favourites. Black on silver. Looks super sharp.

Come and see me, Kau Kau at Mercedes Benz Edmonton West Booth Edmonton Motor Show. Wow.

Sales Team
Mercedes-Benz Edmonton West

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