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2016 Mercedes-Benz CLA250 | Mountain Grey | Edmonton, AB

Hey guys, it’s Chris Phan for Mercedes-Benz Edmonton West.

Behind me I have a 2016 Mercedes-Benz CLA250 in the Mountain Gray. Some things that I really like about this is this has a Sports package. So if you look in the front there’s the diamond grille which really adds to the look. This front bumper really looks aggressive.

Another thing that I like is the headlights, apart from the halogen lights, these definitely add to the look to give it a little more aggressive look to it. But apart from the CLA, it comes from the CLS, so on the side, there are lines that come through which I think add to the look of the vehicle.

Some things that I really like is the door. This window is frame-less, so it really gives it that convertible summer feel to this when you’re driving it. And the slope, the lines that come here really add to the aggressive look.

The back end is a little bit wider, so if you’re looking from back here to here, really doesn’t make it feel like too small of a car when you’re driving it. The trunk space is good. I can fit a lot of stuff in here. Even the seats will fold down so if you do have that longer skis, or poles, or sticks, or whatever you need to fit in there, they’ll fit.

All-wheel drive with this as well. Inside, the seating, it’s very comfortable seats they’re more like a sports bucket type of seat. I find that these hug me very well. Also the thing that I really like here is, you can actually pull– this comfort setting, this is for underneath your leg, and I find that this is very comfortable to give that extra support to me.

Now when I’m driving this, the 4-cylinder Turbo, it’s peppy, it reacts fast, and I have a lot of fun, and it saves me a lot of fuel too. I’ve been getting 700-plus kilometres on a tank on this.

Options wise on this, there’s a lot. Navigation, backup camera, Bluetooth, you name it.

Now all of it, I can’t really cover in this video, so I’d really like if you give me a call.

So once again guys, ask for me, it’s Chris Phan, for Mercedes-Benz Edmonton West. If you’re looking for someone that’s fun and will provide a good service for you while shopping for a vehicle look for me.

The number is 780-932-0102. Again, it’s Chris Phan for Mercedes-Benz Edmonton West.

Sales Team
Mercedes-Benz Edmonton West

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