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Service Manager, Christian Ellison | Tire Talk | Edmonton, AB

Hi, I’m Christian Ellison. I’m the Service Manager here at Mercedes-Benz Edmonton West.

Let’s talk about tires!

So here’s a new MO tire with a tread depth of about 8 millimetres. This tread profile will give you an optimum contact pattern with the road to provide exceptional handling and increased stopping power.

The MO tire series including MO, MO1, and MO Extended tires feature the latest technologies and provide maximum performance because their design matches the specification of your Mercedes-Benz.

So when the tire, the main tread of the tire gets worn down to a certain point, it is going to become flush with these tread wear indicators, which is your visual indication that the tires are worn out. There are other indicators, especially on this tire you can see that the side of this tire has some additional wear that has brought it down to the point that it needs to be replaced.

So most Mercedes-Benz vehicles don’t monitor your pressure and display them on your instrument cluster. What you need to do is check your tire pressures regularly and make sure that they’re set to the proper level. Your tire pressure should be set to what’s indicated on the gas flap.

One way that we can extend the life of our tires is by having regular wheel alignments performed. You can see our Service Advisors and see if you need to have one done.

Service Team
Mercedes-Benz Edmonton West

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