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Store Your Mercedes-Benz Safely this Winter | Winter Vehicle Storage Tips

Service Manager, Christian Ellison joins us to give a few tips that he’s come up with over the years to advise some of our customers what they need to do to store their Mercedes-Benz over the winter months.

🔺 Bring tire pressure up to the maximum pressure that’s displayed on the side wall.

⛽ Fill the fuel tank with premium fuel

🔋 Use a battery tender to ensure it doesn’t drain over the winter.

Order your Battery Tender in our Parts Department today.

🛢️ Get an oil change before storing.

You’re not going to want to store your car over the winter with used, dirty oil in the engine.

Need help getting your Mercedes-Benz ready for the winter months?

Contact our Service Department at (780) 509-0285 or schedule your service appointment online.

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