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Mercedes-Benz Genuine Parts

A commitment to luxurious quality is the foundation of all Mercedes-Benz vehicles, offering you an exquisite experience on the road with reliable performance and innovative efficiency. With over 40 years of combined experience and a vast array of high quality approved Mercedes-Benz genuine OEM replacement parts and accessories, our award-winning Mercedes-Benz Edmonton West Parts and Service Department aims to provide you with high quality and professional service. Leave nothing to chance as you engage with a vast selection of high-end luxury parts, which ensure that you are driving with protection you can trust.

Through a partnership with leading tire manufacturers, Mercedes-Benz Approved Tires have been intentionally designed to facilitate an environment of control through an increase in handling and traction. Carrying the Mercedes Original (MO) and Mercedes Original Extended (MOE) markings, these tires represent 2-3 years and 750,000km of testing, and have been specifically engineered for each model. MOE run-flat tires are able to hold their structural integrity after facing a loss in tire pressure, ensuring that passenger comfort is not compromised as you drive home or to a service facility. Mercedes-Benz Winter Tires have been designed to enhance safety and performance with impeccable traction and control in temperatures below 7°C. They feature a special rubber compound that remains pliant in cold weather, as well as a tire tread that works to move water efficiently as it melts underneath the tires.

Advanced technology brings you Mercedes-Benz Genuine Parts that have been tested and proven for reliability, durability and safety. Each Mercedes-Benz Genuine Part has been perfectly designed to fit and function in your vehicle for an enhanced performance that you can depend on. Protect your engine through Genuine Synthetic Engine Oil and Genuine Oil Filters, containing carefully selected ingredients and an ability to reduce overall fuel consumption and emissions. Genuine Engine Oil is able to protect your engine in extreme temperatures from -30°C to +260°C, while the Genuine Oil Filers are able to absorb and filter out 20% more dirt, while retaining their structural integrity under extreme pressures.

Quality comes through Mercedes-Benz Genuine Engine and Cabin Air Filters that have undergone head-to-head tests against aftermarket air filters, proving to hold significantly more dust, resulting in an increased life span of the filter and an improved airflow. Genuine Engine Air Filters remain stable in an array of weather conditions, without deforming when saturated with moisture, unlike their aftermarket competition. They are also able to preserve the volume and pressure of air being supplied to the engine with minimal dust penetration. Genuine Cabin Air Filters are able to filter out more soot, road dust and pollen than competitors, especially when it comes to the smallest particles. Experience the consistent prevention of odour-causing and hazardous gasses, including ozone, nitrogen oxide and carbon monoxide, from entering the cabin, resulting in cleaner breathing air. These cabin air filters also hold an ability to retain their mechanical strength under all conditions, lengthening their life and durability

Mercedes-Benz Genuine Parts sold at Mercedes-Benz Edmonton West deliver confidence to drivers and are backed by a comprehensive warranty. By investing in parts that go beyond expectations in providing innovative quality, you are able to minimize wear and maximize efficiency. Raise the bar through Mercedes-Benz Genuine Parts; accept no substitutes.

Bring your Mercedes-Benz to your local Edmonton Mercedes-Benz Dealer – Mercedes-Benz Edmonton West and let our Parts Departments help you find the perfect parts for your Mercedes’ needs.

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