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Mercedes-Benz Comparison | Two 43 Models | 2017 E43 and 2017 C43

Hey guys, Kau Kau here today. I’m here with Doug Baines in the AMG Performance Center. As you can see, I got two sides of the table. I got carbon fibre, and I’ve got leather. One side is strictly luxury, and I guess a little bit performance, but on this side, I got mostly performance.

Today what we’ve got planned, we’ve got a yin and yang thing going on. Basically, two cars that are the same but completely opposite at the same time. I’ve got two 43s to show you. He’s going to choose a 43 and I’m going to choose a 43.

What I decided to choose one of my favourite cars on the market today in 2017 Mercedes-Benz C43 AMG Sedan. Guys 362 horsepower in 384 torque into a 4MATIC all-wheel drive system. You got your perfect all season vehicle right here. It is pretty loaded, this one has got the AMG Recaro race seats, so you are not missing any AMG player at all. As you can see behind me, we’ve got the beautiful AMG sign. It just makes perfect to be parked right here right? Now let’s jump inside I’m going to show you some really cool stuff on this car that makes me want to own one of these.

We’ll jump in, but before I jump in, you need to appreciate how beautiful these seats are guys? I got leather and Dynamica suede trim seats with contrast red stitching, and it just looks amazing. The bolsters hug your sides and your thighs when you’re going left and right. The things got a whole lot of bite when you put your foot down on the ground.

The boost is insane, you’ve got Biturbo. Both of these turbos are the same size, and it accelerates like a freight train guys. Now I’m going to back here, and I’m going to show you the beautiful LED tail lights. They accentuate the back end, giving this car some really curvaceous hips. We go down a little bit, you see the beautiful diffuser that you have and you’ve got beautiful quad tip exhaust and they’re slanted on the 43s. You can tell the difference between a 43 and a 63.

Now let’s jump inside I’ll show you some cool stuff. Sitting in the front seat guys, I’m not missing any luxury at all. It is pretty close to what an E-Class would be like, but it doesn’t have the crazy technology that the E-Class does, but it makes do with what it has. It’s got all the luxuries you could imagine. Navi, I got satellite radio, I’ve got a huge panoramic sunroof, I’ve got heated seats, adjustable seat memory on passenger and driver seats, I got a beautiful Dynamica suede and leather trim steering wheel with bespoke metal everywhere, and this steering wheel means this car has the AMG driver’s package.

This is one of my favourite packages that is offered on this vehicle and what that will give you is this awesome sports exhaust, that open up the valves and make this car absolutely scream. It sounds amazing, which you’ll probably hear from the rolling videos that we got on this car. It also gives you awesome suspension as well, and a way better tire set up as well.

You’ve got performance tires on this car, so the car just handles like a machine in the summer. I love it. This is one of my favourite cars on the market today, one of the most fun vehicles on the market today so this is the 2017 Mercedes-Benz C43 AMG.

What do you think about your E-Class? I prefer the added luxury in the E-Class over the C-class. Today I have a 2017 Mercedes-Benz E43 Sedan. You will be able to tell it’s an E43 with this diamond-studded grille, AMG badging. This one has multi-beam headlights, Bi-turbo badging also to distinguish it’s a 43.

We’ve got the 20-inch Y-spoke AMG wheels on this one. They look great. In the back here on the 43 has this little lip here as well as the slanted, dual exhaust tips.

Come around this side of the vehicle I’ll show you a little bit of the interior. You got the red stitching with the Dynamica suede inserts. Very luxurious. Sunshade in the rear with roller blinds on the side you see here. Things like these are going to differentiate between the C and the E. You can’t get stuff like that.

Heated and cooled front seats, massage as well. These bolsters you see here will hug you on your turn so if you make a very rough left turn you’re going to feel it embrace you here to keep you in place. You accelerate, it’ll squeeze you a little bit very nice. Let’s jump on in and I’ll show you some more.

You see here we have a 12.3 inch display here. Same thing on this side. This is entirely customizable I can go in here, I can go over to display designs, I can change it to whatever I’d like. You can also split the screen. There’s a large screen so you don’t need to use the entire thing. I’ve got a split here to show my navigation and my satellite radio.

One of my favorite features about this E, is I can actually control my passenger seat. If I need to move that if my passenger for whatever reason I need to move it I can turn on their cooled seat, I can turn on, you’ll see their lights are illuminating. I can do all that from my side as well as control mine. Obviously they can control theirs too. We’ve got this huge panoramic sunroof. I just love the E-Class.

Okay guys, thanks for joining Doug and I today with our 2- 43 Models. The C and the E-Class. They are both absolutely fantastic, beautiful machines but they’re two polar opposites to be completely frank with you. One completely luxury the leather side one over here is multi-performance and that’s what we got the carbon fiber so I am sitting here and he’s sitting over there. It’s one or the other you choose. I like the C43, it’s more agile, it moves quick. You think about the E-class, I prefer the luxury, the added tech options like the massage seats, stuff like that.

Let’s figure out which one is best for you. If you like what you’ve seen today. Comment below tell us what you would drive and why? Both cars are beautiful machines. Thank you for joining us today at Mercedes-Benz Edmonton West we’re sitting in our AMG Performance Center. Comment below, let us know what you think. Thanks for joining Doug Baines and I today, thanks. See you later!

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Mercedes-Benz Edmonton West

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