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Mercedes Benz | Accessories

Mercedes Benz | Accessories

Genuine Accessories

Through innovation and a commitment to quality, Mercedes-Benz is able to provide a vast selection of high-end luxury vehicles. These vehicles drive smarter and perform better than any other vehicles on the road, but it doesn’t stop there. With each Mercedes-Benz, you are given a selection of genuine accessories to complete your driving experience.

One of the ways Mercedes-Benz is dominating the industry with leading innovation in through its vast array of entertainment systems. Every journey deserves a relaxing environment and that is just what the interior of a Mercedes-Benz facilitates. As you connect on the go through your Bluetooth® compatible devices, you are also given the ability to listen to the music you want through the iPod® plug-and-play style system, which synchronizes with the instrument cluster display. The front passengers are not the only ones taken care of as Mercedes-Benz vehicles also offer a Rear Seat Entertainment System. Through two 7-inch colour screens and integral DVD players, rear passengers experience entertainment on the go without disturbing the driver or restricting rear visibility. You are also given access to the Apple iPad® Docking Station Plus for rear compartment. This system allows for an iPad to be slotted and removed in a simple and safe manner behind the head restraints. Internet access is provided, as well as on/off buttons and headphone connection possibilities. Through flexibility and engagement, each journey will never seem long enough.

Another example of the genuine accessories being offered on Mercedes-Benz vehicles is the Illuminated Star. For over 125 years the Mercedes-Benz star has represented an unchanging commitment to quality and craftsmanship. Highly recognizable and a signature of luxury, this star initiates a relationship of superiority. Through the illumination of this star, you are able to bring the front grille of your vehicle to life with subtle and eye-catching sophistication.

The process of bringing along cargo has been streamlined through a variety of available transport systems being offered on Mercedes-Benz vehicles. These systems have been intricately designed to fit your vehicle perfectly, offering convenient solutions for all transport needs. Graciously handle any extra load through the Alustyle system of basic carrier bars and roof-mounted carriers. These bars have been tailored to fit the vehicle body for maximum safety and aerodynamics. You are also given the option of an Alustyle bicycle rack. Depending on the special capacity of your vehicle’s roof, each pair of basic carrier bars is able to hold up to four bicycles. These racks fold down when not is use, for a reduction in drag.

Drive with stability and control on the stylish Light-Alloy Wheels. These wheels have been developed as an integral part of your Mercedes-Benz as they bring you forward with a durable connection to the road and a stunning finish. To go along with these style icons are “Approved” Tires, which ensure a productive handling and impressive traction. Engineered for greatness, these tires are able to withstand winter conditions and perform with impeccable precision.

Take part in a revolution of style every time you drive your Mercedes-Benz. Genuine Accessories present you with an ability to express your personal preferences through a variety of high-quality and innovative products. From an accentuation of the iconic star, to an organized space and enhanced connectivity, you are able to engage with creative solutions to everyday driving. Unveil your character through these impressive features.

Scott Held
Mercedes-Benz Edmonton West

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