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Meet Yoshi Hildenbrand | Sales Manager

Yoshi Hildebrand 2

Yoshi Hildenbrand – Sales Manager at Mercedes-Benz Edmonton West started his career in the automotive industry right from the roots of AMG in his hometown of Stuttgart, Germany in 1986. Working under founder Hans Werner Aufrecht developing the unique and passionate product that is AMG. Spending his time both on and off the track, Yoshi honed his skills as a talented engineer and driver. By building these skills, Yoshi became team leader for the Mercedes-Benz AMG Touring car race team.

Yoshi Hildebrand

As his passion continued to grow, he joined the Toyota Panasonic F1 team, and from there began working with Porsche AG Weissach. During Yoshi’s career at Porsche, he worked as an engineer and test driver, focusing on handling and suspension set up. His work helped in the development of the last three generations of the 911. Yoshi was also part of the Porsche Sports Driving School Worldwide, and traveled as an instructor across the globe to set up and instruct driving programs. Yoshi worked with Porsche until he immigrated to Canada in 2012.

Yoshi Hildebrand 3

Upon moving to Victoria he joined Porsche Centre Victoria as their General Manager, and followed by opening and managing a Mercedes-Benz dealership in Nanaimo, BC. He has found his way to Mercedes-Benz Edmonton West and is proud to be part of such an excellent team. He looks forward to working with their wonderful clients and to share his enthusiasm and passion for Mercedes-Benz.

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