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The 4MATIC system from Mercedes-Benz offers added stability and traction in all road conditions. The design adds very little weight to the overall vehicle, enhancing performance while not detracting from efficiency. This system is available on 37 models in the Mercedes-Benz family.


A central differential in the 4MATIC system is a key component which makes the four-wheel drive design different from the competition. Through this system, the wheels with the best traction have increased drive torque while specific braking is applied to the other wheels. The basic idea behind this four-wheel drive system is to use it as often as necessary, but as little as possible. In good road conditions, the vehicle will drive much like a front-wheel drive, but the four-wheel drive kicks in as soon as it is needed. Once stability returns, the rear-wheel drive train becomes deactivated with the torque being reduced for added efficiency.

Buyers interested in the capability of the 4MATIC system will find plenty of options to choose from. With each class, the four-wheel drive system is designed to work with the specific model for optimal performance and safety. SUVs and crossover models, such as the GLA-, M- and GL groups take advantage of the added enhancement the 4MATIC provides, whether traveling along the highway or going off-road. Compact models, such as those in the C- and S-classes also benefit from the added stability of four-wheel drive. All models enjoy exceptional agility and superior handling while experiencing enhanced efficiency. The high-performance AMG line provides superior driving dynamics with the addition of the 4MATIC system while achieving better acceleration from a stopped position.

To learn more about 4MATIC and how it enhances your favourite Mercedes-Benz model, visit your local Edmonton Mercedes-Benz dealer – Mercedes-Benz Edmonton West. Test drive any of our models and discover how well it handles. With advanced technology such as the 4MATIC, you can feel more confident behind the wheel of a Mercedes-Benz that fits your lifestyle.

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