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2017 Mercedes-AMG C43 Coupe | Edmonton, AB

Hi, I’m Dharam Taylor from Mercedes Benz Edmonton West.

Thanks for checking in today. I’m going to go through the beautiful 2017 Mercedes-Benz C43 AMG Coupe. This, in the brilliant blue.

Let’s go out to the front of the vehicle. I have the high performance LED lighting here. It is a 4matic. It’s an all-wheel drive. It’s perfect for winter driving as well.

I’m going to pop inside, to take a quick look. Before I pop in, let me show you the hood. If I can find that lever over here. Let’s take a look at this. Under here, if you come around, I’ve got my V6, 362 Horsepower. What is especially nice is the way it drives and how it sounds, and how aggressive it is.

Too hot, close it. Let’s hop in. I’m going to wind down the windows. I’ve got the beautiful sunroof over here which is joined almost like a [mould out] back. And it’s also tinted for you. Get some sunlight in here. I want you to come in. I want to show you something. There’s something very special about this vehicle.

At the moment there is a block on this trim. You can’t get that anymore. So the ones that we have in stock are the ones that we have. You do pay a little bit more for it. It doesn’t leave any finger prints whatsoever. And it’s got that natural finish. Of course, my two cups here for my Tim Hortons.


This vehicle does have the AMG Performance Package. The driver’s performance package. What that means is I get the performance steering wheel with the flat bottom.

I also have, in addition to other things my performance exhaust. So I’m able to press that and I can wake up my neighbors if I so wish. And I can crank this up to Sport Plus and it turns into a far more aggressive sounding vehicle. It’s going to be more responsive when I press the accelerator, and it’s going to be tighter round the corner so it’ll give you a slightly rougher ride. A sportier, a more edgier ride if you’re feeling a little bit naughty.

Coming around here, I’ve got the aluminum trim over there on the side. My seating arrangement, super intuitive in the shape of a seat.

My upgraded sound system, the Burmester, which are phenomenal. And in this, I’ve also got, not just the heats but the cooling function as well. Telescopic steering wheel, I got here. Over here, I’ve got my two USBs to charge my smart phone or alternate device..

So, those are the basics for now. Why don’t we pop outside? If this brilliant blue C43 Coupe tickles your fancy, feel free to come in. Call for Dharam Taylor or any one of my colleagues. We will be happy to assist you.

This is something that you have to drive. It is absolutely stunning. [The trim picking up, the roads clearing]. This is really something that you have to go into. And the special features like the brilliant blue colour which you can’t even get anymore really make this vehicle something unique.

Thanks for watching. I’m Dharam Taylor here at Mercedes Benz Edmonton West. Feel free to ask for anyone of my colleagues or ask for me. My telephone no. is 780-278-0674. Thanks for watching.

Sales Team
Mercedes-Benz Edmonton West

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