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2017 Mercedes-Benz C300 | Edmonton, AB

Hey, Welcome to Mercedes Benz Edmonton West. Welcome to our main showroom.

I’ll just kind of do a little rock around for you on this 2017 Mercedes-Benz C300. My name is Shereen Kuehn. I’m one of the sales experts here.

One thing with this C300 which is kind of interesting is the new intelligent [inaudible] packages. You’ll be able to tell if it has intelligent drive just by our front logo here. So it will be filled in with the radar sensors rather than an empty pocket.

As well, this one will have a night package, and you’ll be able to tell, because everything, instead of being chrome it will be black though, on the mirrors, the tires, rims, as well as the shoulders of the vehicle, the roof and front bumper, as well as the back bumper.

Another cool thing, when you sit down here, if you haven’t been in a Mercedes Benz, or you’ve never owned one before, all the seat adjustments will be on the door. 16 different interactions that you can adjust. As well as the head rest, they move up and down.

And there’s an extra little light piece on the bottom here that you can extend for those of you who are really tall or have very long legs.

This is the 2017 C300 4matic Sedan. Come see me, Shereen at Mercedes Benz Edmonton West. Call me, or come down to the showroom, and we’ll take you for a drive.

Sales Team
Mercedes-Benz Edmonton West

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