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2017 Mercedes-AMG GTS | Edmonton, AB

Hey, guys, Coco here at Mercedes Benz Edmonton West.

I got something really awesome, something really beautiful. Behind me, I got a 2017 Mercedes AMG GTS. This one, in the Designo Hyacinth Red makes this car look really, really good. You don’t really see a GTS in this colour. It looks super sharp.

It’s got the AMG Night Package. So you got the black front splitter here. You also got the black dealt emblem here as well. You go to the sides, you got the black dealt side vent suede seat.

V8 biturbo, because the engine in this, ladies and gentlemen, is a 4 liter V8 biturbo producing 503 Horsepower that propels this rear-wheel drive, tire smoking beast to a 100 in only 3.7 secs. That is super car territory, ladies and gentlemen. This is one of the fastest cars, fastest rear wheel drive cars around.

To really see how this car handles you got to come test drive it. Now that the weather is getting a little bit nicer we have time to do this stuff.

So if you guys follow me up here I’ll show you a couple of cool things. AMG Y-spoke forged wheels. We got the 19s in the front. And in the rear, we got the 20s in the rear. We got our biggest tire in the rear because it’s got a whole lot of power that it’s distributing to the limited-slip rear differential. And 503 Horsepower, so it means some real hard core rubber. Like these Michelin Pilot Super Sports. These are very sticky tires, you’re not really going to have a problem when it comes to traction.

When you come back here you’re going to see some beautiful things. When you look at the AMG GTS you see very close similarities to the previous car that we had, the SLS. The similarities that you’re seeing here is this dove tail back end that comes very short, and curves up. So it has that really big back end that we all love. And it’s super, super wide to fit these huge, huge rear wide tires for extra traction.

Now we go to the side skirts, it’s very body hugging. It goes down into the car, accentuates the hips. The back end of this car, you can see the paint is absolutely flawless. You guys can see my reflection here.

Coming down over here to the front you got a super, super long front end. It’s more than just looks. This is a classic muscle car design. This is a German muscle car behind me. What actually blows lot of people away is the engine, where it actually starts. You think the engine is the whole length of the front end, this big, but actually it isn’t. The engine is smartly placed a few millimeters behind the front axle to give it a more of an agile feel in the steering wheel.

Now let me show you what’s underneath the hood of the beast, the AMG GTS. So under here, like I mentioned earlier we got a 4 liter V8 biturbo. Mercedes has been very smart with engineering in this. They tried to utilize as much space as possible. So they put these two turbos, rather than having it on the outside they put it inside the V. To save space and make it very compact. I’ll show you, it’s more than just compact and saving weight here. It actually looks absolutely stunning. First class, ladies and gentlemen. Look at this.

So this, one man, one engine here, there’s one man who’s responsible for this motor, and particularly, this one was made by Goetano Rubino. We just want to zoom in on that. This engine was built, hand crafted in Germany. Not a lot of brands can offer this sort of exclusivity with super cars like this.

Back here, you see these beautiful biturbos. Biturbo means, both the exact same sized turbos. The V8 has enough torque to get this car moving at the low end and once those turbos, both come online, all hell breaks loose.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is the AMG GTS. This is one of the most exciting cars that Mercedes AMG has produced. And this is the king, the best or nothing, Mercedes AMG. The Mercedes AMG GTS.

Sales Team
Mercedes-Benz Edmonton West

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