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Service Manager, Christian Ellison joins us to give a few tips that he’s come up with over the years to advise some of our customers what they need to do to store their Mercedes-Benz over the winter months.

🔺 Bring tire pressure up to the maximum pressure that’s displayed on the side wall.

⛽ Fill the fuel tank with premium fuel

🔋 Use a battery tender to ensure it doesn’t drain over the winter.

Order your Battery Tender in our Parts Department today.

🛢️ Get an oil change before storing.

You’re not going to want to store your car over the winter with used, dirty oil in the engine.

Need help getting your Mercedes-Benz ready for the winter months?

Contact our Service Department at (780) 509-0285 or schedule your service appointment online.

The interior of your Mercedes-Benz E300 has a great surprise for you! Personalize your interior mood lighting to match your unique style and personality.

Andy Yung takes you through how to adjust the interior mood lighting inside the Mercedes-Benz E300. Which colour would you choose for yours?

Interested in getting into an E300? Contact Andy Yung or any of our other Sales Associates at (780) 484-9000 or come into Mercedes-Benz Edmonton West today!

Struggling to use 4×4 in your Sprinter Van? Our Sprinter Vans Specialists are here to teach you how to use your 4×4 feature in your Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Van.

Watch their how-to video and get a step-by-step video guide with Brian and Darby!

View our award winning Sprinter Vans lineup

Looking for an in-person tutorial? Could your business benefit from a Sprinter Van? Call Brian or Darby here at (780) 484-9000 and book your appointment today!

Sprinter Van Sales Team
Mercedes-Benz Edmonton West

Tutorial: Dynamic Select | 2016 Mercedes-AMG C450

The Dynamic Select as seen in this 2016 Mercedes-Benz C450 AMG can be used to change or turn on/off the drive, steering, suspension, eco-start/stop, and climate control functions. By navigating the clear, easy-to-use display system. You can choose your preferred settings and options quickly and conveniently. [continue reading…]